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  from R Home, Winter 2006
Stark Beauty
by Court Squires
Excerpt from article—

Minimalist Home, Detailed Task
Backy Taylor with HomeMasons Inc., formerly McGuire, Hearn & Toms Inc., oversaw the construction. “We realized there was potential for problems, but the whole team worked together, it really was a team effort to bring the house to reality,” Taylor says.

The serene site belied the less-than-hospitable ground. Designers had to work around the topography of the property, and the construction crew was tested by the framing plans.

“The design of the framing was a challenge for the builder because it was so unconventional,” Fultz says. “The framing was designed in a way so it would be exposed and express itself, and provide the sense of warmth and kind of comfort that it gives you.

“We asked [the construction crew] to do things that are completely out of their character. When you frame most houses, you don’t expose the framing — and they were custom-engineered beams — so it required a high degree of coordination, care and execution. Most homes, after you frame it, you cover it in drywall and trim work, but there really is no trim work, the walls and the ceiling are wide open and accessible to the eye. It’s not very forgiving that way.”


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