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In keeping with the principles and strengths of the company, HomeMasons performs custom building only, whether designed in-house or by the owner’s architect.
Design, built Handyman Services
You should know that your contractor is as interested in fine architecture as you are. HomeMasons building team will let you be assured that your project is built the way you envisioned it, without a multitude of unpleasant surprises along the way.
It is a tenuous leap of faith when a designer hands off the execution of plans…endless worry about interpretation, care and, well, heart, that comes with hiring a builder to bring form to another’s idea. HomeMason’s creative capabilities benefit clients whose design was performed by others. Since we have management personnel trained and regularly engaged in architectural design and production of documents, there is an enhanced understanding of architectural plans and details, facilitating estimating and construction. There is a strong sensitivity to design issues which may be quite important in translating the architect’s ideas on paper into built reality.
If we didn’t do it well, we wouldn’t do it at all.
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