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As seasons change, so does your home. From top to bottom, inside and out, Whole Home Care is what you need to keep the home you love in tip-top shape.
Whole Home Care
Whole Home Care Service List

By popular customer demand, Richmond’s premier home remodeler now does Whole Home Care!

Think of it like your bi-annual teeth cleanings, your 3000 mile auto oil changes, your annual physical. This program is all that and then some, for your home.

The standard package starts with a top-to-bottom, inside and out inspection of your home — yes, even the darkest crawl spaces no one’s looked at in forever. Our experienced technicians conduct this in-depth inspection and provide a written report covering the condition of its exterior, structure, finishes and systems. At the same time, we perform some of the routine-but-requisite chores that homes need to function properly — gutter cleaning; dryer vent safety check and cleaning; changing smoke alarm batteries; we even lubricate those squeaky door hinges.

See list of routine Whole Home Care services

Most homes have those “seasonal” checks and tasks that should be done at regular intervals, and that’s what this service is all about. But we also know, no home — or homeowner — is “typical.” That’s why our Whole Home Care is completely customizable to suit your home. Not everyone has a driveway to be power washed or light bulbs in high places, but there might be weeds in the pathways, or special filters that need to be replaced. You help us craft the checklist, and we get it done at the right time. We also provide a plan and estimates to make any repairs that are not included in the packaged price.

This proactive care helps to prevent costly repairs that seem to occur at the most inopportune times. HomeMasons Whole Home Care provides your home with the quality care it needs to stay in tip-top condition.

Call us at 804-784-1200 to schedule your first Whole Home Care appointment.



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