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As seasons change, so does your home. From top to bottom, inside and out, Whole Home Care is what you need to keep the home you love in tip-top shape.
Whole Home Care
Whole Home Care Service List
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Whole Home Care services
Plumbing, heating and A/C:
Clean or replace A/C filters
Clean condensate pan
Blow-out condensate lines
Inspect exposed ductwork for gaps, signs of leakage
Inspect for leaks:
all exposed plumbing
inside cabinets & vanities
behind toilets
in crawl / basement
other exposed locations
Check condition of caulk around all fixtures
Inspect condition of water heater:
report age, anticipated lifecycle
note elements
proper pan and pop-off drainage
Check hose bibs and other exterior-exposed lines for freeze protection
Other Mechanical:
Visual inspection of firebox and flues for cracking, creosote build-up
Check and clean dryer vent
Check smoke alarms for operation; change batteries annually
Replace any burned-out lightbulbs
Inventory any unusual lamps
Electrical receptacle grounding test
Check perimeter of house and yard for positive drainage
Assure yard drains and underground drainage lines are clear
Check operation & fit of all interior / exterior doors and hardware
Clean / Lubricate door hinges, sliding door tracks, garage doors
Check all windows for proper operation, locking & weatherstripping
Inspect bathrooms for caulk and grout condition
Inspect all interior surfaces for peeling, chipping, movement, deterioration
Check deck for decay, drainage, moisture below, etc.
Inspect all exterior siding, trim and sills for decay, moisture, rot
Check paint and caulk condition
Inspect for potential locations of water intrusion
Roofing and Weatherproofing:
Inspect weatherstripping at all doors and windows
Check attic space for moisture, proper insulation, roof vent function
Clean roof, clean gutters and downspouts; check condition
Inspect crawl space for moisture, mold, pests, other concerns
Inspection of foundation for cracking / settlement
Seasonally open / close crawlspace vents if desired by Owner
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